The Reducers - The Reducers (LP)
The Reducers
The Reducers (LP)
Rave On Records TGP-1000 (1984)

Their first LP. Features of both tracks from their first single "Out of Step" and "No Ambition", plus 9 new songs including "Black Plastic Shoes".

Released: 1984
Format: 12" LP
Price: Out Of Print

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Out Of Step
  2. Small Talk From A Big Mouth
  3. Life In The Neighborhood
  4. Better Homes And Gardens
  5. Scared Of Cops
  6. No Ambition

Side B

  1. Black Plastic Shoes
  2. Information Overload
  3. All About You
  4. So Civilized
  5. Company Man

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